Master in International Project Management - University of Strasbourg

Useful links


This page aims to help you in your search and studies preparation by providing useful websites and information.

The official website of the University Of Strasbourg presents the degree courses. The website enables you to have a key source of information. It also has further information concerning the University, the campus, the exchange programs, the partnerships, the scholarships and the applications processes.

The website of the Management Faculty provides updated information on the international partnerships and the official program of the Master degree.

L’Association des Étudiants en Sciences Économiques de Strasbourg is a very dynamic organisation that enhances the everyday life of students.

Below, you will find jobs and internships search engines.

Among the financial aids provided to students, the CROUS and the CAF are key actors. On their website, you can find precious information in order to prepare your studies. They can also give you more information on accomodation.

The MPI students wish you a very good surfing.


M. André Schmitt
Master’s Director

“Strasbourg, inspired perhaps by the soaring steeple of its cathedral, is a city where culture and business combine to form fertile ground for our future development”