Master des internationalen Projektmanagements - Universität Straßburg


Catherine: Shanghai, China


Catherine : Shanghai, China
Thanks to this master, I took the opportunity to pursue my studies in Shanghai after attaining an undergraduate degree in economics and management. Thanks to this challenging international experience, I got an incredible chance to be in contact with diverse cultures and to practice my English in very different contexts.
I was able to strongly develop my ability to direct all aspects of projects, from inception to implementation and I learnt how to manage complex workflow on multiple objectives and to decide the appropriate strategy for specific projects in an international context.
All of these competences helped me to become more confident in my future career and professional perspectives.


Mathieu: Sapporo, Japan


Mathieu : Sapporo, Japan
Thanks to the University of Strasbourg’s partnerships I have been able to spend one year as an exchange student at the University of Hokkaido, Japan.
This was a very worthy year for my studies but also from a personal perspective. I’ve been able to get familiar with a new way of learning, a new vision of economics and management and also a totally different society. Adding to that, Hokkaido University let me undertake independent studies with a personal supervisor and on the subject of my choice.
Outside studying this experience made me meet people from all around the world with their own cultures and ways of thinking. Moreover I’ve got many occasions to travel and open myself to Japanese traditions and lifestyle.
This year definitely assured my interest for international field and opened myself to new perspectives.
I strongly recommend anyone to study abroad, a unique experience which bring you a lot.


Viktorya: Istanbul, Türkei


Viktorya : Istanbul, Turquie
Thanks to the Faculty of Economics and Management I had the opportunity to go study one year in Istanbul, Turkey through the Erasmus exchange program. This was a life changing experience for me. I enjoyed a new experience abroad, adapting myself to a rewarding new and unknown culture.
During this mobility program, I have attended many academic activities, such as conferences (L’Oréal, Renault, and Peugeot) and one congress (International Model of the United Nations “GSMUN”), which strengthen my interests for project management and corporate social responsibility. They also gave me interesting new tracks on my future.
Equally important I took many trips to Turkey, such as Cappadokia, Pamukkale, Marmaris and Bodrum. But for me, the most important benefit of this exchange program was the social experience I gained. I found many friends from different nationalities with whom I had unforgettable moments.
The mobility is definitely THE thing to do while you are in school!!