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Establishment of the Higher Education Diploma “DESS” (Diplôme d’Etudes Supérieures Spécialisées in French) Industrial and International Project Management. The creation of this one-year vocational degree was initiated by the presidency of the University of Strasbourg in France. The main purpose of this degree is to train future enterprise managers whose qualifications would be twofold: on the one hand in project management and on the other hand in management in international setting.



Between 2004 and 2010 an international exchange partnership of lecturers with the HEC Montréal Business School is carried out. Some professors give their lectures at the partners institution.



Under the Lisbon Recognition Convention, the harmonization of the BMD (Bachelor-Master-Doctorate) system takes place. As of 2005, the degree has become a two-year integrated program. The new name of the program is International Project Management (Management des Projets Internationaux). Students with various educational backgrounds can apply for this program: economics, management studies, political science as well as scientific and technical studies.



The Master’s degree in International Project Management strongly contributes to international mobility of students by means of a mandatory six-month end-of-studies internship[1] abroad. Due to this requirement, each year students in the 2nd year of the program complete internships in approximately ten different countries such as Germany, Luxembourg, China, the USA … A real asset of this degree is also its openness to foreign students. Therefore, each year, the class counts students from all around the world.



In 2014, the Master’s in International Project Management was the only degree at the Economics & Management Strasbourg Faculty granted the Prize of Degree Excellence 2014 (Prix d’Excellence Formation 2014 financé par l’IdEx). This prize appraises the quality of schooling, contribution to the success of students and the international openness of the degree. The prize shows the excellence of the degree as such.

prix excellence

Photo: Presentation of the Prix d’Excellence Formation 2014 financé par l’IdEx to six awarded degrees of University of Strasbourg. The Master’s representative, Professor Schwob, is 4th from left.


[1] The Alsace region supports international student mobility strongly. Different kinds of financial aids are at disposal. For further information, you can refer either to the submenu “International” or to the website of the Strasbourg University: (in French)

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M. André Schmitt
Master’s Director

“True motivation comes from achievement, personal development, job satisfaction, and recognition.”

— Frederick Herzberg