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Welcome to the internet site of the Master in International Project Management of the University of Strasbourg!

This Master’s program trains experts in the field of international management. This program, launched in 2000, aims at training students and professionals to project management skills and techniques as well as providing advanced courses in finance and project management to support firms in their international strategy.

The students get acquainted with the theories of international Economics, but also methods and techniques of international project management approach.

The Master prepares students for international jobs in companies (industrial or services sector): export, product or project manager. Consultancy activities can be practiced as well. Students acquire the comprehension of the economic environment where international companies evolve, and learn to manage projects that include different countries.

They will know how to manage multiple cultures and institutional systems. The student must have language proficiency when enrolled, and furthermore, learns to improve his/her skills, particularly, in business terms.

The first academic year trains students in the main fields of management and international Economics. The second year is dedicated to specialization in international project management; the tutorial classes are held by university professors and by professionals from industrial, banking, consultancy fields and other experts who have cross-borders experience.

For the last semester students have to follow an internship (compulsory abroad) that represents a true initiation in the world of international project management.


This Master has been awarded the price for training excellence Idex (initiative d’excellence) in January 2015.

What we offer:

  • A curriculum for international careers in the industrial and tertiary sectors focusing on project management, product management and international trade.
  • Full coverage of techniques and approaches of project management. Courses and seminars are delivered by field experts who mostly work in international environments.
  • Advanced courses in cross cultural management providing a global understanding on finance, marketing and legal issues.
  • Courses held by leading academics of HEC Montréal, Douala University and Strasbourg University.
  • Preparation to professional certifications as part of the curriculum (CAPM).
  • Half of the courses are taught in English, the other half in French during the second year.
  • Students complete their end-of-studies internship abroad. Foreign students have the opportunity to do in France or abroad.

Who should attend ?

–       The two-year program:

  • Students with a bachelor degree in economics, management or related fields.

At the end of the first year or for a direct master’s entry in the second year, applicants must justify required levels of proficiency:

  •  TOEIC: 850 (or equivalent);
  • Second foreign language (preferably in German): level B2; Foreign students must instead justify their French proficiency (level C1 at DELF/TEF).
  • Internship between the first ant the second year of the Master

During the first year of the master program, specific courses help to reach the required language proficiency.

To be admitted in the first year of the master programme, applicants are interviewed to check whether their language fluency allows them to satisfy the above requirements in English and in the second foreign language before entering in the second year.

Additional fees:

Students pay for fees to pass language certificates and the Certified Associate in Project Management exam (CAPM issued by the Project Management Institute PMI). The total cost for all certificates amounts to 430 €.


M. André Schmitt
Master’s Director

“Trying to manage a project without project management is like trying to play a football game without a game plan”

K. Tate (Past Board Member – PMI)


Brochure MPO - MPI (in French)



Hi guys. I’m Xavier Engel and I come from Luxembourg. After getting my bachelor degree at the university of Strasbourg,I decided to pursue my studies to get a master degree in international project management. Since I come from a small country, I had to be open minded and having a master degree in international management in the pocket, would give me the best chances in the professional world later on. I was able to do my internship in Vienna, Austria. I was working in the product management of Rewe Group, which is a big food retail company and it was a great experience to work abroad. All in all you have to be prepared for everything and work hard, since nothing is given to you for free. Kind regards... read more


Hello, My name is Valentina Kodeva. I am Bulgarian and I have done the major part of my studies at the University of Strasbourg, including my Master degree in International Projects Management. Even if I spent the last year of my Bachelor degree in HEC of Montreal (on a student exchange program)  I chose to return to Strasbourg for my Master degree. This decision was based on the fact that this diploma is unique in the way it helps you acquire both the capability of understanding complex economic and business models, and the essential managerial skills and tools. Currently, I am working for a project management consulting company called... read more


My name is Luc Gassmann, I’m French and graduated from the MPI Master on 2012. I chose the MPI Master for the diversity of classes and the international side of it. I believed that it would give me a good understanding of Project management at international level. The formation definitely helped me a lot during my career. I finished my Master Degree with an internship in a IT company in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and work now at an executive position in a Paris based... read more