Master in International Project Management - University of Strasbourg

Internship Requirements

Because a serious emphasis is put on the international dimension of this Master’s program, students are required to complete two internships during their master.

– An internship between the Master 1 and Master 2 for a period of two to six months
– An end-of-studies internship abroad (outside of the student’s country of origin)

This end-of-studies internship period lasts 6 months, and the choice of the country will be completely up to you! The number of placement opportunities the world has to offer is infinite: you are free to choose where you want to initiate your professional life.

Since the Master was created, students have found opportunities in many sectors: project managementinternational business developmentproduct management, import/exportpurchasing or consulting. Students found internships all around the globe, visiting over thirty different countries. They found placement in Europe but also in Asia, in Africa and on the American continent.

As a MPI student you will be required to hand in an internship report at the end of your placement and you will have to present it in front of a jury.

The quality of your work will determine the grade you will get for your last semester.

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M. André Schmitt
Master’s Director

“True motivation comes from achievement, personal development, job satisfaction, and recognition.”

— Frederick Herzberg