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Student life
You can find here some helpful tips to start your new life in Strasbourg.
Housing & Dining

Finding a place to live in Strasbourg is not that big of a deal, especially for students. Far away from the high price’s standards of the very big French cities, such as Paris or Marseille, the city of Strasbourg offers many options in order to find a nice and cozy corner! If your wish is to share your flat with some other students or young professionals, the following websites could help you to find a suitable place to live in the city center or in the surrounding areas:

If you are more comfortable living on your own, there are also many small flats available, at affordable prices, for students in the city. You can contact a local real estate agency. Some websites are also very helpful, such as:

Last but not least, the University of Strasbourg is offering cheap housing solutions for its students. It is possible to apply for a student room from the 15th of January to the 30th of April. You can make an application before knowing if you are accepted in the master. You will find all the useful information on the CROUS’ website:

Please note that there are some reserved rooms for exchange students.  If you are not coming to Strasbourg in the frame of an exchange program, you will have to complete the standard application online.

Cultural Events

 “Strasbourg has a lively thriving and highly creative cultural life with a strong international outlook”.

Not only Strasbourg is the capital of Europe, but it is also a cultural hub where local and international artists are thriving. Many cultural events take place in Strasbourg every year. For example, the city has its own contemporary art fair (“st’art”) and hosts the European fantasy film festival. In the heart of the city, you will also find a theater and an internationally known opera. In terms of music as well, Strasbourg is highly attractive and cosmopolitan, organizing no less than 6 music festivals each year. The city also enjoys several music venues, which host a least one gig per week end, of extremely varied types of music.

Advantages for students:

When you first enter the University of Strasbourg, you have a free access to the “carte culture” (which will costs 5.5€. the following years). This card offers you the following advantages:

  • Cinemas ticket from 5€.
  • Free entry in museum.
  • 5.5€ tickets, for some cultural events.

For more information about the “carte culture”:

For more information about the culture in Strasbourg:

Useful links

Welcome, This page aims to help you in your search and studies preparation by providing useful websites and information. The official website of the University Of Strasbourg presents the degree courses. The website enables you to have a key source of information. It also has further information concerning the University, the campus, the exchange programs, the partnerships, the scholarships and the applications processes.

The website of the Management Faculty provides updated information on the international partnerships and the official program of the Master degree.

L’Association des Étudiants en Sciences Économiques de Strasbourg is a very dynamic organisation that enhances the everyday life of students.

Below, you will find jobs and internships search engines.

Among the financial aids provided to students, the CROUS and the CAF are key actors. On their website, you can find precious information in order to prepare your studies. They can also give you more information on accomodation.

Searching for a nice place ? Pokaa lists all the restaurants and bars where you can enjoy your student life!

The MPI students wish you a very good surfing.


M. André Schmitt
Master’s Director

“Strasbourg, inspired perhaps by the soaring steeple of its cathedral, is a city where culture and business combine to form fertile ground for our future development”